Allsop Inc. A family of brands

Allsop, Inc., is a Pacific Northwest family-owned consumer products company started in 1964 when founder Ivor “Buss” Allsop invented the Ski-Boot-In, an easier way to carry ski boots. Sixty years later, the company now consists of six brands and hundreds of products and accessories that are sold in the largest retailers around the world. 

Current Allsop, Inc. brands - Allsop, Allsop Home & Garden, DMOS Collective, Digital Innovations, IYN Stands, and Softride.


Allsop is a leader in the tech accessory industry and produces innovative monitor stands, ergonomic and desk accessories, and lifestyle products. The company features an in-house design team that is constantly creating exciting new concepts for home and office work spaces. Allsop’s best-selling “Metal Art” series of monitor and laptop stands have sold millions of units and are recognized around the world for their functionality, durability, and aesthetics.

Allsop Home & Garden

Allsop Home & Garden’s product line has grown dramatically in the last 20 years and today features a wide variety of high-quality and truly innovative home and garden products. From solar lanterns to pendant lamps, Allsop Home & Garden has become widely recognized as an industry leader in decorative lighting and our new patented designs continue to inspire and illuminate outdoor spaces around the world.

DMOS Pro Shovel Tools (DMOS Collective)

DMOS builds professional-grade, heavy-duty, collapsible metal shovels and truck recovery tools for van life, hunting, camping, overland, off-road, snow, beach and wilderness. Principally known for its off-road Delta Shovel, a next-generation eTool which is full-sized and fully portable, DMOS also produces the award-winning Stealth Shovel, originally called the “Kicker Tool,” which today is the most versatile shovel tool ever for snow and loose terrain like sand or gravel. All of DMOS shovel tools are easy to stow in your vehicle or pack and can be mounted in DMOS patented shovel mounts to virtually all aftermarket rack and camper builds.

Digital Innovations

Digital Innovations produces a wide range of electronic cleaning, repair, and organizing products including the SkipDr®, the top-selling disc repair system ever produced. The Nest™, ScreenDr™, WrapCaddy™, and CleanDr™, are just some of the popular products designed and sold by Digital Innovations.

IYN Stands

IYN Stands offers the most durable, stylish, and adaptable string light pole solutions on the market. The first products were launched in Oregon for weddings and events, but it quickly became clear that there was a huge potential for IYN string light pole stands in the consumer market. Today, IYN poles are sold at major retailers across the US in multiple configurations and are the most popular heavy duty string light pole available.


Softride develops innovative tailgate pads, tightening hitch pins, and hook and loop straps. Originally a bike and bike rack manufacturer, Softride narrowed its focus to producing high-quality automotive accessories and developing new types of products, such as the 25" Halfback Tailgate pad, the first of its kind.