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You're working from home.

We've got the tools you need.

Sore neck? We can raise your monitor.

Reduce neck pain and fatigue by raising your monitor to the correct viewing height. We’ve been creating best-selling monitor stands for decades and have solutions for every desk scenario.

Give your wrists a rest.

Your wrists work really hard all day long, so give them some love with one of our ComfortFoam or ComfortBead wrist rests. They provide a soft, yet functional cushion surface that removes wrist strain.

Organize your desk for better productivity.

The Organizer 5 has four individual cubbies on the side plus a sliding drawer for easy access to your paperwork. You’ll finally have storage for your pens, post-it notes, and USB drives.

Make your laptop stand up and work for you.

You don’t have to lean over your laptop anymore, just raise it up! Our Redmond Adjustable Laptop Stand raises laptops for to a proper viewing height and provides 27 degrees of variable adjustment.

A stand for your printer, a shelf for your paper.

Your printer and paper belong together; they were literally made for each other. The Printer Plus Printer stand gives you the perfect way to organize your printer and paper in one location.

Zoom better with a stand for your tablet or phone.

If you’re using your phone or tablet and headphones for meetings you need a Headset Hangout. It holds your headphones and tablet and provides viewing angle adjustment and cord organization.

Two monitors are better than one – if you can adjust them.

One monitor too low? One too high? We’ve got multiple solutions for dual monitor setups that provide all the adjustments you need.